Automated Document Filing on Existing Court Cases

Automated Document Filing on Existing Court Cases

Automatically file directly to the courts

Our goal with Florida eFile is to save your team countless hours of manually submitting documents to the Florida courts in civil court cases.  If you spend more than one-hour per day filing ALL pleadings at your firm, then you are wasting precious time.

Florida eFile is a product of IronRock Software, Inc, an independent software company that is not affiliated with any law firm.  We are a Florida ePortal Certified Third Party Vendor and specialize in automating the filing of court documents on existing cases with little to no human intervention.


Save Time


File Quickly

Save on Labor


File Efficiently

Substantial savings in labor costs!

“We’ve used FloridaEfile to file hundreds-of-thousands of documents automatically. This has led to substantial savings in labor costs and allowed us to scale our service offerings in the legal industry. They customized their product to fit our needs and have always been there to help when we had questions.” – Joseph Dominguez, TSI Legal

Reasons to file with us:


You no longer need teams of paralegals to simply submit your filings.


Our solution is installed on-premise, so your filings go directly from your firm to the courts.  No middle-man compliance woes.


We can reverse-engineer your case management system to integrate it directly with the courts and seamlessly file your documents and save confirmation numbers, emails and date-stamped documents back to your system.


Depending on how your firm operates, we can automate extraction of the electronic service list in your documents, stripping of document metadata, verification of document size, and more to make sure you stay in compliance with ePortal rules.

Software Features


Precise Extraction

Our custom solution extracts and analyses anything necessary from your case management system and documents to file your document.


Accurate Case Look Up

We use double validation of both your case number and case style to make sure we find the correct case automatically.


Build your Paper Trail

Automatic retrieval of ePortal confirmation numbers and date stamped documents so you know your document was filed.


Automatic Filing of Exhibits

Exhibits are no problem. 


Affordable & Scalable

Our solution works 24/7 and we only charge when your document is successfully filed and accepted.


Compliant with ePortal

Ensure compliance with the ePortal authority by using an approved Third Party Vendor.


Correction Queue Handling

Quickly handle issues with your court filings across your entire firm in one convenient queue.


Batch Processing

File 1,000 documents in the time it normally takes to file one.

Save Time | Save Labor | File Quickly

Let us integrate your firm with the ePortal in a matter of weeks.  We customize all software for each firm and have a team of talented programmers ready to jump every hurdle with you to automate your document filing process.